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Looking for a competent SEA / Google Ads agency in Berlin for your online store?

No problem - SEA / Google Ads are one of our main focuses in the area of performance marketing with full specialization in e-commerce!

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SEA / Google Ads Agency - for online stores in Berlin

Google Ads is the ideal channel to constantly generate sales for your eCommerce brand. Your target group is already looking for you!

SEA, SEO, Google Ads & Google Shopping; all these terms are often confused or even used synonymously by new entrepreneurs and laymen.

But although the goal is always visibility in search engine results - first and foremost on Google - the deployment and required know-how for successful implementation differ greatly.

As an experienced performance marketing and SEA / Google Ads agency for online stores in Berlin, we at Twist und Schirm know about the advantages of all the aforementioned marketing measures. In addition, we support you in making your successes measurable and in optimizing SEA for your Berlin online store. Since Google Ads is a very predictable and precise measure, optimizations can directly contribute to the success and sales increase of your business.

With your Berlin e-commerce among the first Google results

The range of products and services is probably more pronounced in no other city than in Berlin; several new digital and stationary start-ups see the light of day almost every day in order to take off both locally and internationally. Especially in the e-commerce business, the competition is huge - those who do not use advertising measures such as Google Ads remain undiscovered by consumers and, unfortunately, often without success.

While SEO - the technical and content optimization of your online store - contributes to higher search engine rankings in the long term, SEA (search engine advertising) provides a kind of direct "boost".

Paid advertising ensures that users see your search engine ad as an advertisement when they search Google for certain keywords; by placing it in the top 5 results, you increase the attention and reach of your Berlin e-commerce right from the start.

Over 100+ online stores trust Twist&Schirm

What are you waiting for? Become a satisfied client and scale your eCommerce business with Twist&Schirm.

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We are different than traditional agencies

T&S is not a classic marketing agency! We are the absolute experts for performance marketing in eCommerce.

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Scale your online store with T&S now

In a free ad account audit, we analyze your initial situation and create an individual strategy with the most promising ad channel for your eCommerce business

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FAQs to our Google Ads agency in Berlin

We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about us as a Google Ads agency for online stores in a free consultation with our account manager.

Twist & Schirm: Support & optimization of your SEA successes

What sounds very simple and intuitive at first, must be well planned and constantly monitored, just like SEO. Only in this way can the causes of successes and failures be identified and, if necessary, remedied. Since you pay for Google Ads, a direct optimization of your SEA measures makes sense to avoid losses. 


This is where Twist und Schirm can help you: On the basis of a sophisticated performance analysis, we as SEA / Google Ads agency for online stores in Berlin recognize where possible weak points of your SEA campaign lie and which steps you should take to remedy them. 


In addition to classic Google Ads in the form of search engine ads, you could also integrate Google Shopping into your marketing. Here, your products are not only suggested with title and short description text, but directly with product photo, price and link to your online store; a somewhat more elaborate, but definitely worthwhile method to generate more attention for your e-commerce in Berlin.