We help E-Commerce businesses scale their revenue.

We run Facebook, Instagram & Google advertising with the sole focus of increasing your revenue / profit. Success-based pricing.

Mastery demands focus

We only work with E-Commerce businesses.
We only offer Paid Advertising with Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads.

So here’s the thing. From the many business cases we get on our table each and every day we know that most E-Commerce businesses have tried their hands at Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads in one way or the other.

Many times though not to its complete satisfaction which is probably part of the reason you are here reading this paragraph. 

„We’ve tried Facebook & Google Advertising and it just doesn’t work for us I guess“ is what we consistently hear.

See, when we get access to advertising accounts we see why. In 95% of cases the accounts are not optimized and the campaigns are not as profitable as they could be.

Making many E-Commerce businesses falsely believe one of the most beautiful systems for consistent, measurable sales doesn’t work for them. 

Our work is very ROI driven. You always see exactly how much money flows in and how much money flows out. It’s black and white.

We’ll take the guesswork out for you. 

We take care of your advertising efforts and want you to be bothered as least as possible. We take care of everything so you don’t have to and free up in-house time. 

Our justification is that we bring you more money back than what you pay us. And amortize ourselves.

That’s why we’ll guarantee ROI if we decide to work with you. You don’t pay us, if we don’t bring you more money back.

As we are boutique we only work with a handful of clients at a time and decide very carefully so we always make sure that working together really is going to be a home run.

Measures to assure that are taken before the working relationship.

So what do you have to lose?

Can we help you?

Here are some of the most common situations businesses are in when they come to us.

Want to advertise in the german speaking market

Some businesses in this situation are big international businesses about to break into the German speaking market (good choice btw). Some have already advertised here but not in the local language / with local market expertise and want more focus. Here we can leverage two things greatly:

1. Your advertising experience in other markets.
2. And our experience in our German home market.

An unbeatable combination.

Advertised on Google, Facebook & Instagram before and unsatisfied / know that not to full potential.

This is also a big chunk and what we consistently see. Experience has been made. Sometimes in-house, sometimes with another agency, sometimes a while back. The results were not to their full satisfaction, some clients are even losing money with their campaigns, which should never be the case.

Experience that has been made - good or bad - is a great basis because we can analyze all past efforts first that haven't been satisfying. We can give you honest feedback on it if it can be improved and both of us will know for certain if working together is going to be a home run.

Only when we are convinced that we can greatly improve your revenue will we offer our cooperation. With our guarantee we are sitting in the same boat here.

Already advertising on either Facebook / Instagram or google. Now it's time for the other one.

One or the other has already been leveraged. Proof of concept for paid advertising is therefore given. In such cases we are reached out to for the other channel. For us they are both equally beautiful.

e-commerce business works well organically / on other marketing measures. Now it's time to accelerate.

Some businesses have a strong brand or physical division that already brings a good organic customer flow to the E-Commerce part of the business. Some have a big & beautiful social media presence. Some already leveraged influencer marketing or Amazon and it's working well.

This is a great situation to be in as proof of concept is already established and now it's time to accelerate. In this case we can beautifully leverage brand and social media following.

is this it?

When clients find us in this situation it's mostly either of two things:

1. They are unsure if the current results they achieve are already the best there is. Sometimes they are unsure about their current agency.

2. Advertising is already going well but they are always keen to squeak out that little bit more.

In fact in both cases and with an adspend of five to six figures even a minor improvement can amount to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. In such cases agency costs are usually negligible.

Projects here are always preceded by a thorough audit if we can squeak out more. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. At least you will know for certain. As a purely performance-oriented agency we are sitting in the same boat anyway.

In any case this is how the journey with us always starts.

How to apply to work with us.

Take the first step

First you’re going to have a 100% FREE, no-obligation discovery call with one of our product experts to see if you’re a good fit to work with us.

Here we’ll get to know you and your business and see if we can help you.

Be also sure to fill out the application form on the booking page or we can’t take the call.

If you’re a potential good fit we’ll take things further and analyze your past Facebook, Instagram & Google Advertising efforts, your target market and competitors. Again 100% FREE.

That’s another measure we take so both of us can be absolutely sure that working together is going to be a home run and that we can help you increase your E-Commerce revenue significantly.

If the audit shows that we can optimize your advertising and increase your E-Commerce revenue we’ll schedule a strategy session with you.

Here we’ll discuss the results of the audit with you, what is possible and how we can possibly help.

If not we’ll still give you our input but decline our cooperation. 

At the end of this call it is either a yes or a no.

Congratulations! If you’ve made it this far you’re on a great way to become one of our success stories

The steps to weed out the wrong fits are taken in the steps before. 

If not after all we still have the ROI guarantee so you can be absolutely sure your money is wisely invested.