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Would you like to really take off with your online store on Facebook & Instagram? Then let Twist&Schirm advise you now! Absolute experts in meta ads for e-commerce.

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42 Reviews

102 Reviews

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Facebook & Instagram (Meta) Ads - the perfect channels for new customers

Facebook and Instagram (now Meta Ads) is the perfect channel to present your product to new people and persuade them to buy.

Facebook and Instagram(Meta) are suitable for online stores to acquire new customers as they have a large and highly engaged user base and offer the opportunity to target potential customers. With features such as Facebook and Instagram advertising, online stores can precisely define their target group and deliver targeted ads to them. 

By using image and video content, online stores can present their products impressively and thus attract the attention of potential customers. In addition, online stores can strengthen their brand on Facebook and Instagram by building a strong presence and interacting with their customers.

Over 300+ customers trust Twist&Schirm

We have already successfully scaled over 300 brands. Among them Glad Skin, Käfer, Gaia, Redbull and many more! See our references for yourself.
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We are different than traditional agencies

We are not a run-of-the-mill performance marketing agency, we are your Ecom Growth Partner with over 25 experts in our team and over 300 successfully scaled brands.

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In a free ad account audit, we analyze your initial situation and create an individual strategy with the most promising ad channel for your eCommerce business

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FAQs to our Facebook Ads agency

We would also be happy to answer any questions you may have about us as a Facebook (Meta) Ads agency for online stores in a free consultation with our account manager.

What makes Twist & Schirm special as a Facebook Ads agency?

Focus, Experience & Innovation.

Many agencies serve 20 different industries with 20 different services and are also new to the market. We are completely focused on Facebook Ads for e-commerce companies.

We have also served hundreds of clients over the years, from startups / SMEs to DAX/MDAX and S&P Global 1200 corporations. We believe that an advertising environment that is becoming more complex and sophisticated can only be met with total focus. Therefore, we have hired colleagues from the Google Ads & Meta Ads teams of the platforms themselves, dedicated ourselves to e-commerce performance marketing only for years, cumulatively our media buyers have decades of experience managing cumulatively high 8-figure advertising budgets.

Nevertheless, Facebook Ads are only as good as the media buyer in charge, which is why we have introduced our proprietary rotation system. A senior media buyer + a key account manager always look after the customer as a contact person / project lead for accountability reasons. Our media buyers rotate in the background so that we can eliminate subjectivity in the advertising account as much as possible and our colleagues do not become blind to the operation. In addition, we regularly engage various external media buyers for cross-audits of your advertising account so that you don't have to and we regularly get new perspectives on the advertisements.

Because we are so confident in our innovative model, we also work with a performance based component in our pricing so that our goals are perfectly alligned: make as much money as possible for your eCommerce business.

What performance marketing channels are there besides Facebook?

There are several channels that can be used for performance marketing, including:

  • Search engines such as Google and Bing are ideal for getting started, as the target group is already looking for a solution.
  • Meta Ads (Facebook/Instagram) is perfect for making your product better known to certain target groups
  • TikTok is a very new and inexpensive channel that can be used to reach a young target group in particular.
  • In addition, there are other channels such as Native Advertising 

Each channel makes sense at a certain point in time. We will be happy to advise you on which channel is best suited for your online store. 

In which cities does the Facebook Ads agency operate?

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