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You've heard of TikTok but still think it's a platform for kids? We will show you how TikTok has developed over the years and what enormous potential TikTok Ads have, especially for online stores.

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TikTok Ads - the opportunity for e-commerce

TikTok is a mostly underestimated channel for online stores, right now CPM prices are still very cheap.

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform in the world. TikTok has become known for crazy videos and challenges that encourage people to participate. The app, which is free to use, immediately offers countless experiences in video form after logging in or opening.


What makes it special is the length of the videos: They are 15-second short videos. Meanwhile, longer videos are possible, which may have a duration of 3 minutes. However, the short videos are still the focus.


The videos are often funny, surprising, and encourage people to share and remember them. Unlike Instagram, which has a stronger focus on images, TikTok is always about moving images.


TikTok offers huge potential, but also makes demands on users. Only with the suitably designed short videos, which are maximum 15 seconds long, you will reach your goal. Our goal with your TikTok advertising is to get users to watch the video. The users' swiping on TikTok Ads can be effectively prevented with the right tricks.


One thing is for sure: TikTok marketing has high requirements. You need crisp, creative content that's tailored to your target audience. To place ads with full impact, you need to empathize with your target audience. As a TikTok agency, we do that for you, so you have even more time for what's important.

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FAQs to our TikTok Ads agency

We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about us as a TikTok Ads agency in a free consultation with our account manager.

What are the advertising formats on TikTok?

First and foremost, you only make videos on TikTok. This is not about banners or images, videos are in demand here. Of course, there are still different advertising formats.


Hashtag campaigns

Hashtag campaigns that directly encourage users to participate are very popular. After all, that's what TikTok is for.


Brand Takeover Show

So-called brand takeover ads appear for 3 to 5 seconds as a full-screen display after opening the app. The ads are very popular to draw attention to your brand.


In-Feed Native Videos

However, there are also classic in-feed native videos that are played out very frequently. These are basically normal advertising videos, but they correspond to the TikTok style and thus appear natural.


User Generated Content

User-generated content is now considered the "holy grail" of content creation in the entire social media sector. As the name implies, the content is created by the user himself. Something better can hardly happen to an advertising company, because the content creation is virtually free, 100% authentic and with the right management it spreads like wildfire. The problem what many questions:


How do you get users to create content for you?


This is one of our biggest specialties by creating a UGC Creator Base. Through our many years of experience, we have a large number of active users here with whom we have developed & launched successful UGC campaigns.

Ideally, you will find out the ideal advertising format for you together with us as your TikTok Ads agency. After all, the many possibilities of the platform are far too good not to take full advantage of them.

What are your services as a TikTok agency?

Advertising at TikTok has to be learned - that's why we at the TikTok agency work almost around the clock on our favorite topic. The measurability of all ads is very important to us, because you want to know at the end what the individual campaigns have brought.


You can expect the following services from us:


● Precise target group research

● Professional ad and video creation

Listing of the successes with the help of our tracking

● Integration of tracking in the platform

● Cross-channel marketing across all channels


Of course, a comprehensive consultation in advance must not be missing. We love our work as a TikTok Ads agency and want to help you achieve the greatest possible success. To do this, we advise you, create content and adapt to the fast-moving world of TikTok. Only then is maximum success possible - and you become visible on the fast-growing platform.

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How do I recognize advantages of a TikTok agency?

TikTok is characterized by its high speed. Videos that strike a chord with users are particularly important here. They need to be the perfect length, creative, exciting and unusual. In short, you have to hang out in the app every day to keep up with the times.


This is where we can help as an experienced TikTok Ads agency. We recognized the importance of TikTok as a platform early on and have adjusted accordingly to these exact needs of advertising on the platform.


  • Optimal exploitation of your opportunities through suitable advertisements
  • Knowledge around TikTok and the current trends
  • User Generated Content Creator Base
  • Measurability for all campaigns
  • A lot of experience in the design & implementation of the campaigns
  • Possibility to achieve even more together with other platforms
  • Specific focus on TikTok to reach new users
    100% focus on
  • Advertising for your online store to increase sales
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Why advertise on TikTok?

The time is perfect: with TikTok advertising you can reach a very wide audience. The huge potential is mainly explained by the strong growth of the platform. TikTok offers real addictive potential to the ever-growing community. You can reach your target audience in a modern, innovative way through TikTok Ads.


And: TikTok Ads are still cheap! Not all companies have jumped on the bandwagon yet - you can get ahead of your competition and achieve high reach with TikTok Marketing!


The entertaining videos invite you to discover. Properly targeted, your target group gets to know you in a whole new way. The brand becomes better known, you are remembered. TikTok Ads represent the new generation of social media advertising. The potential is huge, you just need to seize it.

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How has TikTok evolved?

After TikTok as a platform initially appealed primarily to a very young target group, an older target group is now also increasingly using the video platform. The average age is 23 and the number of active users continues to rise. As early as September 2021, the number of users worldwide was over 1 billion. In 2022, there is talk of 1.5 billion users, although the official figures are still pending.


A good half of the Chinese app's users are still in China. But the numbers in other countries keep rising. It is the app that is downloaded most frequently worldwide. Users stay on the app for a long time and watch numerous videos a day.


The app has quickly become a serious competitor for Instagram. This is also shown by the fact that TikTok is the only globally successful social media platform that does not originate from the USA. When making this statement, however, it should be borne in mind that TikTok bought the app Musical.ly at the time and was only able to really boost its growth in this way.


One thing can be said for sure: Today, TikTok is everything, but certainly not just a platform for children - you should seize this opportunity now and Twist & Schirm will be happy to help you with plenty of experience in this field.

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