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Email marketing is a powerful way to reach existing and potential customers. Successful email marketing with Klaviyo allows you to better reach potential customers, strengthen existing customer relationships and also bring back customers you thought you had lost. Especially in the e-commerce sector, we support you as an experienced email marketing agency and help develop individual strategies to increase sales.

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Email marketing has proven to be an extremely effective tool in e-commerce marketing. It offers a direct way to get in touch with customers, inform them about new products and offers, and ultimately increase your own sales. The main advantages of a professional email marketing strategy for e-commerce companies are:

Customer acquisition and retention

Email marketing enables e-commerce businesses to build a relationship with potential customers and retain them for the long term. By providing relevant content and offers, companies can pique recipients' interest and encourage them to try out their products or services. In addition, email marketing can be used to keep existing customers regularly informed and offer them added value through newsletter campaigns. This can strengthen customer loyalty, which can lead to repeat purchases.

Personalization and segmentation

Email marketing enables effective and personalized targeting in the messages sent. E-commerce companies can segment their email lists and send targeted messages to specific audiences. By analyzing buying behavior, demographic characteristics or interests, personalized recommendations and offers can be created that are tailored to the recipients' individual needs and preferences. This increases the relevance of the emails and improves the likelihood that recipients will respond to the offers.

Increase in Revenue

Like any marketing tool, email marketing serves the primary goal of increasing the company's sales. By sending an email with special offers, discount codes or exclusive promotions, online retailers can encourage customers to make a purchase. Email campaigns can also be used to highlight new products in the online store or present cross-selling and upselling opportunities. By regularly informing customers about attractive offers, e-commerce companies can increase sales and maximize profits.

Customer recovery

Email marketing also offers the opportunity to win back customers who have already had an interaction with the company but may no longer be active. Through targeted reactivation campaigns, e-commerce companies can try to win back customers who have stopped shopping or abandoned their shopping cart. On average, about 30 percent of shopping cart abandoners can be brought back with targeted emails. By offering attractive incentives or sending attention-grabbing emails, companies can re-engage the interest and attention of these customers or encourage them to buy again.

Measurement and optimization

Email marketing allows e-commerce companies to accurately measure and analyze the success of their campaigns. By tracking metrics such as open rate, click rate, conversion rate, and unsubscribe rate, companies can find out which emails are effective and what improvements can be made. Through continuous optimization, companies can keep improving their email campaigns to achieve better results and increase ROI and, in turn, the bottom line.

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FAQs to email marketing for online stores

We have summarized the answers to the most frequently asked questions related to email marketing below.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing refers to the process of using email to send information, offers, and relevant content to a group of people who have previously signed up for it. It is an effective way to reach customers, inform them about news and ultimately increase sales.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

Email marketing offers several advantages for companies. It enables direct communication with customers, promotes customer loyalty, increases sales, supports customer acquisition, and provides a way to measure and analyze campaign results.

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How do I build an email list?

An email list can be built through a variety of methods. Companies can encourage visitors to their website to sign up to receive emails. Offline channels such as events or points of sale can also be used. It is important to emphasize the added value that subscribers enjoy by receiving the emails.

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How often should I send emails as an online store?

The frequency of sending emails depends on various factors such as the nature of the business and the expectations of the subscribers. It's important to strike a balance between not being too intrusive, but also not being forgettable. Regular and consistent communication is recommended, but individual test runs can help determine the ideal frequency.

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How can I personalize my email campaigns?

Personalization is an important aspect of email marketing. By segmenting the email list and analyzing data such as buying behavior, interests, and demographic characteristics, customized content and offers can be created. This increases the relevance of the emails and improves the chances of positive responses from recipients.

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In which cities does Twist & Schirm offer email marketing?

Services Mail Marketing with T&S

We are a leader in performance marketing for online stores, providing comprehensive solutions for e-commerce businesses to build and successfully implement effective email marketing strategies.

You can count on our professional know-how and experience, especially in the following areas:

Development of an individual e-mail marketing strategy for your company

Based on your individual goals and ideas, we work with you to create the optimal strategy for successful email marketing for your business. From setting up individual campaigns and creating relevant email content to constantly monitoring and optimizing the performance of your email marketing activities, the Twist & Schirm team is your professional partner at all times.

Target group analysis and segmentation

Twist & Schirm enables e-commerce companies to effectively segment their email lists and send targeted messages to specific audiences. Segmentation is based on various criteria such as buying behavior, interests, demographic characteristics or past interactions. By accurately analyzing target groups, companies can create relevant content and offers tailored to the recipients' individual needs and preferences, significantly improving the customer journey.

Email Templates and Design

An appealing appearance and professional design are crucial to attract recipients' attention. Twist & Schirm offers a wide range of email templates and design options that enable e-commerce businesses to create attractive and engaging emails. By customizing colors, fonts, layouts, and images, businesses can reinforce their brand identity and ensure consistency in their email campaigns.

Compliance with legal regulations

As an experienced email marketing agency for online stores, we naturally also support our customers in complying with the applicable legal regulations in email marketing. This includes ensuring that email recipients consent to receive emails and that they can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. Twist & Schirm ensures that companies comply with applicable data protection laws and regulations, thus strengthening recipients' trust and avoiding potential legal risks.

Automation and personalization with Klaviyo

Twist & Schirm uses powerful automation tools for effective performance marketing, such as Klaviyo. This allows us to efficiently plan and send your email campaigns in an automated way. Personalized emails based on recipients' buying behavior, preferences and demographic characteristics increase the relevance of messages. This makes it possible to send targeted emails to specific target groups and thus achieve a personalized appeal.

Automated follow-up campaigns

With Twist & Schirm, e-commerce businesses can set up automated follow-up campaigns to follow up with customers after a purchase or interaction. These follow-up emails can provide recommendations for similar products, thank customers for their purchase, or encourage them to take further action. By using automation, companies can ensure that customers stay in touch on an ongoing basis and improve the customer experience.

Measurement and analysis

As your reliable and competent partner in email performance marketing, Twist & Schirm offers detailed measurement and analysis tools that can be used to track the success of email marketing campaigns at any time. This provides important insights into open rate, click rate, conversion rate and unsubscribe rate. Based on this data, e-commerce companies can continuously optimize their campaigns and make improvements to achieve better results.

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What is the advantage of email marketing over or in combination with paid ads?

The cost of paid ads is gradually rising, and competition is steadily increasing. The cost increase is noticeable in all relevant key figures - from CPM to ROI. Especially when scaling the business, customers are bought dearly by Paid Ads.

The increasingly high price of new customers has a serious consequence: If you want the investment in paid ads to pay off, you have to generate more and more CLTV (customer lifetime value) from your customers. Otherwise, initial acquisition via paid ads is not worthwhile.

Because of the characteristics described and the increasing challenges, it is extremely beneficial to pair Paid Ads with email marketing. With comparatively high open rates and an average ROI of 4,400%, email marketing is the ideal method for transforming leads acquired via paid ads into customers and increasing the CLTV of existing customers.

With its qualities, email marketing helps reduce ROAS. Ads campaigns are quickly refinanced with the addition of email marketing. Subsequently, the money collected can be reinvested in paid ads for even faster scaling.

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What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is an American marketing automation platform that specializes in e-commerce companies. It is a tool that allows online stores to effectively optimize their marketing activities and create personalized communications with customers. Klaviyo offers a wide range of features, including segmentation of customer data, automatic sending of emails and SMS, creation of multi-level email flows, and integration with various store systems such as Shopify, Woo Commerce, and Magento. Klaviyo is a DSGVO-compliant email marketing software. By using Klaviyo, together we can improve your customer retention, increase sales and run more targeted marketing campaigns.

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What is the advantage of Klaviyo in E Mail Marketing?

The advantage of Klaviyo in the field of email marketing is that it allows companies to make their marketing communications more effective and targeted. The main advantages for Klaviyo are for us:

Personalized customer targeting, email campaign automation, integration with e-commerce platforms, detailed tracking and analytics, DSGVO compliance.

Overall, Klaviyo enables more effective, personalized and automated customer communications, resulting in increased engagement, conversion rates and ultimately revenue. This is also demonstrated by our successes with existing customers to date. We'd be happy to explain more about Klaviyo in our initial consultation.

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