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Search engine optimization (= SEO) has developed into an effective marketing tool in recent years. The discipline deals with the algorithms and ranking factors of search engines and uses them as a guide to improve the visibility and reach of websites.

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With SEO more traffic, more customers and more sales for your online store

Organic Google search is the ideal channel for an online store to become independent of paid advertising.

Experience shows that the optimizations have more than paid off since the outbreak of the corona pandemic at the latest. In 2021, for example, e-commerce sales have risen by 19 percent as customers increasingly shift their purchasing activities to the virtual space. Accordingly, for top dogs like Amazon, but also for small online store operators, e-commerce SEO is considered a recipe for success. This is because online stores that adapt to the requirements of Google, Bing, Xing and Co. are displayed in the top ranks of the search results and thus record more traffic and sales.


SEO for online stores has many similarities with classic search engine optimization, which is applied to websites and blogs. It is SEO measures that help to improve the rankings of the online store. While in days gone by people used all the ways and means to influence the algorithm, nowadays people are primarily focused on user-friendliness.


Accordingly, generating e-commerce traffic is all about making your own website as appealing as possible. Clarity, a beautiful design, interesting content and technical aspects play a major role in making customers feel comfortable in the web store.


With the right tactics, the spotlight is shined on your products. The SEO spotlights ensure that the interest of potential customers is focused on your store, increased leads are generated and more conversions are produced. All it takes is the right SEO measures, which we offer for your online store.

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We have already successfully scaled over 300 brands. Among them Glad Skin, Käfer, Gaia, Redbull and many more! See our references for yourself.
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We are not a run-of-the-mill performance marketing agency, we are your Ecom Growth Partner with over 25 experts in our team and over 300 successfully scaled brands.

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We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about us as an SEO agency for online stores in a free consultation with our account manager.

Why is SEO so important for online stores?

Germany recorded around 120,000 online stores in 2018. This number is likely to have risen further in the meantime. For customers, this means a wide choice of providers and products. Store operators, on the other hand, have to compete with a large number of competitors. For this reason, it is important to practice e-commerce SEO.


Put simply, the consequences of online advertising are scrutinized thanks to efficient tools. These include tracking customer behavior and web analytics. KUR and ROAS provide an insight into the profitability of the marketing campaigns carried out. One's own strategy is adapted depending on the results, because with performance marketing is all about improving performance and exceeding your own targets.

More than 50% of traffic comes via organic search.

This particular form of online marketing ensures that your online store is displayed in a prominent position in the search engines. In fact, more than half of all website traffic is generated with the help of organic search. When a user types in a search term on Google, the search engine scours the web for relevant websites. If you have optimized your web store for the appropriate keywords, your online store will appear in the search results and will be noticed by the customer.


In addition, research shows that Internet users use the World Wide Web to obtain information first. Different products are compared with each other and the price-performance ratio is scrutinized. Experiences and reviews from former customers additionally influence the purchase decision.


[TIP]: You always rank #1 for your own brand. If this is not the case, there is an indexing problem or a Google penalty. It is also possible that the brand name is double-ranked.


SEO also means service in the store

Store systems mainly rely on online store SEO to improve their own positioning in the search engines. In addition, search engine optimization and the Google Search Console can be used to make one's own website more attractive. This is because the most important ranking factors also include, for example, loading speed, content with added value, user experience and an appealing design.

With the help of SEO, you accordingly upgrade your online store visually and technically - an additional service for customers.

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