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Measurable Google Ads - SEA with revenue growth

Google Ads is the ideal channel to constantly generate sales for your eCommerce brand. Your target group is already looking for you!

Many people are familiar with the term SEO as an abbreviation for search engine optimization. But what is SEA for online stores? SEA, in contrast to SEO for online storesis the fast & safe way to the top of the search results - with paid advertising.


SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is synonymous with Google Ads or theGerman term Suchmaschinenwerbung (search engine advertising). This means that paid advertising is placed on search engines for specific terms. With a market share of more than 90 percent, Google Ads is the most important provider of ads in search engines.



At Twist & Schirm, we explain why SEA is important for online stores. Find out how suitable Google Ads for online stores can help you to tap great sales potentials. We stand for efficient, measurable & transparent SEA for you to follow.

Most entrepreneurs have resigned themselves to the fact that patience is required for results in SEO. Ranking improvements cannot be realized within a few days and thus traffic cannot be generated overnight.


However, SEA works differently in this respect. With the right ads, you can generate traffic for specific keywords or a whole group of keywords at any time. It just needs the right budget. SEA for online stores boosts traffic and increases the visibility of the store at the push of a button. However, the costs are ultimately billed per click. This is very transparent, but also increases the pressure to really sell something when a potential customer has clicked.



Precise sales increase with Google Ads

To run ads cost-effectively, it is necessary not to just let the campaigns run. Regular optimization is crucial to get even better results. For this, a look at the key figures of the campaigns is necessary to be able to judge which campaigns are really worthwhile and which ads only produce expenses but no sales.


The most important metric in SEA for online stores is to look at the costs incurred and the resulting sales. You can track very well whether the paid clicks really lead to more sales. This can be determined not only aggregated, but broken down to individual search terms. This makes it possible to control the campaigns very precisely and performance-oriented.

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FAQs to our Google Ads agency

We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about us as a Google Ads agency for online stores in a free consultation with our account manager.

What are the special features of SEA for online stores?

With SEA for online stores, you can activate the great reach that comes from search engines at the click of a mouse. Here, your potential customers search for products and are sometimes already far advanced in their purchase decision. Unlike push marketing (e.g. digital banner advertising), you do not acquire your potential customers in a non-buying environment, but benefit from the fact that they are actively shopping.


However, it is important to note that there is a lot of competition. The individual advertising spaces are correspondingly fiercely contested and you sometimes have to offer very high click prices to grab one of the top spots. SEA for online stores might not prove profitable for all search terms.


Continuous control of Google Ads is essential

In order not to consume the budget unnecessarily, the involvement of specialists is required for the creation of campaigns. Some keywords can be ruled out in advance as unsuitable, because they are either too expensive or too far away from the user intention. Keep in mind that in SEA, every click is charged and therefore the chance of conversion must be high to make this type of advertising worthwhile.


By the way: The Google search engine is the most important search engine in the world in terms of market share. Advertisements via Google Ads are thus among the most important tools when it comes to SEA for online stores.

Google Shopping vs. Normal SEA - best to do both!

Google Shopping is a special offer in the area of Google Ads for online stores. For many search terms, Google not only displays classic search engine ads, but also explicit shopping ads with a picture and price. Since these are integrated particularly prominently, online stores should also rely on Google Shopping.


It should be noted that Google Shopping setup is a bit more complicated. You need to make sure that product information is transferred to Google correctly. Especially availability is a crucial parameter, because products that are currently out of stock should be excluded from Google Ads of any kind.


With classic search engine advertising, you don't have to adapt to the special features of Google Shopping. However, you sometimes give away a lot of potential with it. In any case, it is better to test the measure with a manageable budget instead of discarding it immediately.


However, it is not purposeful to ask the question about Google Shopping vs. normal SEA anyway. You can clearly use both types to bring the right users to your online store and to encourage a conversion.

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What are the challenges of Google Ads for eCommerce?

Small mistakes can quickly become expensive with your Google Ads and ensure that much of your budget goes to waste. To prevent this, you need to know the ins and outs of Google Shopping, as well as SEA for online stores in general, or ideally work directly with a partner who can handle both the setup and ongoing support.


As a 100% specialized performance marketing agency the evaluation of results is always in the foreground. On the Internet, practically everything is measurable and it is relatively easy to determine which campaigns work well and where only budget is burned. In this respect, it is highly advisable to remain vigilant here with a sharpened eye.


Another contentious issue with regard to SEA for online stores is that of cannibalization. If you have already built up organic rankings with your store for certain search terms, these can be cannibalized by SEA campaigns. It is usually more helpful to bid on terms for which you have received few or no clicks so far. We will be happy to advise you on this with our many years of experience.

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Why is SEA so important for eCommerce brands?

In the decision-making process for buying a product, your potential customers use search engines. Contact with your brand can be established at an early stage. However, it becomes more interesting in monetary terms when the customer has already progressed further in the decision-making process.


Once a person has made the decision to buy a certain type of product, he still has to choose a very specific item. However, there are similar or even the same products offered by other stores.


Secure market share with Google Ads

Without SEA, you leave the field to your competition without a fight. Your own site is not visible enough, which translates into lower traffic and corresponding sales figures. SEA helps you secure market share and become relevant as a relevant brand in a specific niche.


However, SEA for online stores is such a specialized field that comprehensive knowledge is required here for the campaigns. Otherwise, a wrong positioning or the inappropriate alignment of the campaign is accompanied by high losses. The support of Twist & Schirm is therefore very useful.

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What are the advantages for online stores to run SEA with Twist & Schirm?

We use Google Ads for online stores on a daily basis and track their results. The area of SEA for online stores is therefore one of our absolute areas of expertise. Use this to your advantage now and avoid beginner's mistakes, which can quickly become expensive with the click price-based billing method.


ROI increase through AI-supported software & expertise

We have an eye on the ROI of your campaigns and can draw on comparative values from other industries to assess success. Transparency, optimal results and the exact adaptation to the needs of online stores is a matter of course for us.

We use the latest technologies and AI-powered software to keep improving the success of your ads. Only when your ROI increases significantly and you gain relevant market share with SEA, we are really satisfied!

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