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Use the full potential of TikTok for your online store. As a TikTok Ads agency in Hamburg, we are happy to support you. TikTok Ads is one of our focus areas in the Performance Marketing sector and we are fully specialized in e-commerce!

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TikTok Ads - the opportunity for e-commerce

TikTok is a mostly underestimated channel for online stores, right now CPM prices are still very cheap.

TikTok is considered the Instagram of moving images and is at least as popular with many users thanks to its great addictiveness and colorful design. Young and now also "old" people use the smartphone app every day to be made laugh by 15-second short videos, to watch fancy recipes in fast forward or simply to be entertained.

TikTok is also becoming increasingly popular with companies - not only as entertainment for employees during breaks, but above all for marketing purposes! After all, what could be better suited as an advertising channel than a platform that offers its users added value and entertainment in the shortest possible time? As an experienced TikTok Ads agency in Hamburg, we at Twist und Schirm can help you market and publicize your e-commerce business via TikTok.

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T&S is not a classic marketing agency! We are the absolute experts for performance marketing in eCommerce.

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In a free ad account audit, we analyze your initial situation and create an individual strategy with the most promising ad channel for your eCommerce business

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FAQs to our TikTok Ads agency in Hamburg

We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about us as a TikTok Ads agency in a free conversation with our account manager.

Twist & Schirm: Your TikTok Ads agency from Hamburg!

TikTok advertising has been used in only a few companies so far, despite its great potential to reach a huge range among a younger target group. For many, the fear of the effort involved in video production and the supposed image change that marketing on such a colorful, modern and young platform could bring is too great.


Many companies are not even aware that the average age of TikTok users is 23 and thus falls precisely into the field of open-minded, eager-to-buy and yet adult consumers. All the greater are the chances of jumping on the TikTok Ads bandwagon now and, as a Hamburg-based company, benefiting from favorable prices for advertising on TikTok. As a professional TikTok Ads agency in Hamburg, Twist und Schirm will be happy to help you!


How to use TikTok Ads for your e-commerce marketing

Like any other social media platform, TikTok has special requirements for the presentation of the published content. Especially when producing TikTok ads, you should make sure that you do justice to the typical entertainment factor of short videos; classic commercials, as we know them from TV, are not welcome on TikTok.


Even if well-known creators mostly record their videos with their cell phones, a certain quality is always guaranteed; at least in terms of entertainment value and creative implementation. As a TikTok Ads agency, we at Twist und Schirm help you build local awareness in Hamburg with unusual videos and also gain national and international reach.


Whether you want to promote your product, service or e-commerce business; with a creative idea and high-quality implementation by Twist and Schirm as an experienced TikTok Ads agency in Hamburg, you will stay in the minds of consumers and quickly achieve marketing success!

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