Email marketing automation for online stores: Basics & tips

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Email marketing automation has proven to be a powerful tool for increasing customer loyalty and enabling more efficient processes. By automating email campaigns, online stores can save time while sending personalized content to their target audiences. With automated welcome emails, they can make an immediate first impression on new subscribers and build a long-term relationship. In addition, multi-level campaigns offer the opportunity to create targeted marketing campaigns based on the behavior and interests of recipients.

By professionally designing automated emails, companies can ensure that their messages are opened and read. The personalization of these emails enables them to offer individual offers and thus increase the engagement of their customers. Compared to manual campaigns, automated emails offer a cost-effective solution for target group-oriented marketing.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the effective use of email marketing automation for online stores. Find out how this strategy can strengthen your customer loyalty while saving time and resources. Read on to find out how you can achieve simpler and more efficient processes in your e-commerce business.


The basics of email automation for online stores explained

The automation of email marketing plays an essential role in communicating effectively with your target audience. Here is some basic information on how you can use email automation to improve your marketing strategy.

Automatic welcome emails for new subscribers

One of the most useful features of email automation is the ability to automatically send welcome emails to new subscribers. Once someone has signed up for your newsletter or website, a predefined workflow can be set up to send a personalized welcome message. These emails can contain useful content and make the new subscriber feel welcome.

Segmentation of the target group for targeted campaigns

Another important aspect of email automation is the ability to segment your target group. By collecting data about your subscribers, you can conduct effective email marketing and avoid being classified as spam. You can divide your subscribers into different groups and send them targeted campaigns. By ensuring that every customer of your online store receives the right messages, you increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Automatic reminder emails for shopping cart abandonment

If a potential customer abandons their shopping cart, this can be a missed sales opportunity. With email automation, you can automatically send reminder emails to these customers to remind them that they have not completed their purchase. These emails can include special offers or discounts to motivate the customer to return.

Trigger emails based on specific actions or events

The use of trigger emails is another effective method of email automation. By setting predefined rules, you can automatically send emails when certain actions or events occur. For example, you can send a birthday email with a special offer or send a follow-up email after an order has been placed.


Advantages and possibilities of email automation

Marketing automation is undoubtedly a key advancement in the digital marketing landscape. This advancement not only offers companies the opportunity to save time and money, but also to increase the efficiency of their marketing strategies. For example, every dollar invested in marketing automation over a three-year period yields an impressive return of 5.44 dollars (approx. 5.15€).

One of the main benefits of automation, especially in the context of e-commerce, is email automation. When thinking about optimizing such strategies, enlisting the services of an email marketing agency could be very helpful in making campaigns efficient and targeted. Here are some important marketing aspects to consider.

Personalized communication with the recipients

Thanks to email automation, companies can customize and personalize their messages on an individual level. Instead of sending a generic email to all recipients, they can provide targeted information based on the interests and behavior of each individual recipient.

  • Personalized communication makes customers of your online store feel valued and they will be more inclined to respond to your emails.
  • With automated workflows, you can send personalized messages at different stages of the customer experience, e.g. welcome emails, birthday greetings or product recommendations.

Improved conversion rate through targeted targeting

Another major advantage of email automation is the targeted targeting of potential customers. By identifying specific segments of your target group and providing them with tailored content, you can increase the likelihood of a conversion.

  • By using automated workflows, you can automatically send follow-up messages to potential customers to keep them interested.
  • The analysis of user behavior also enables you to trigger certain actions, such as sending e-mails to customers who have viewed certain products in the online store.

For example, shopping cart abandonment in e-commerce is an opportunity to increase sales. Only 30% of online purchases are actually completed. This means that 70% of customers do not complete their purchase. As a result, online stores lose up to 18 billion dollars (approx. 17,019,720,000€) are lost. One solution to this problem is automated abandoned cart emails. These are opened and clicked on very frequently and also lead to a conversion rate of conversion rate of 11 percent.

Reduced susceptibility to errors thanks to predefined workflows

The use of automated workflows in marketing not only reduces manual effort, but also minimizes the susceptibility to errors. By creating predefined workflows, you can ensure that all important tasks and messages are sent at the right time.

  • Automated processes ensure that no important information is forgotten or inadvertently omitted.
  • With the ability to plan actions and define them in advance, you can make your marketing campaigns more efficient.

Increase online store sales through mail automation

Email automation allows online stores to scale their marketing effectively. Instead of sending each individual email manually, you can set up automated workflow sequences and execute them for a large number of recipients simultaneously.

  • The scalability of automation means less time spent on repetitive tasks and more time for strategic planning.
  • By automating your marketing, you can generate potential sales without wasting valuable resources.

The many possible uses of email automation make it an indispensable tool for modern online stores. From personalized communication to improving conversion rates, automation offers numerous benefits. By reducing manual effort and enabling scalable processes, email automation can help you work more efficiently and effectively.


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Data protection compliance for email automation

When using email marketing automation, it is crucial to comply with the data protection guidelines of the GDPR must be complied with. Here are some important aspects that need to be considered:

Compliance with GDPR guidelines when collecting and processing personal data

When using email automation, it is essential that e-commerce companies ensure that they comply with the provisions of the GDPR with regard to the protection of personal data. This means that they must only collect relevant and necessary information and treat this data securely and confidentially.

  • Companies in the e-commerce sector should ensure that they obtain legally compliant consent from recipients for the collection and processing of their personal data.
  • It is important to implement transparent opt-in processes to ensure that recipients give their consent voluntarily.
  • Companies should also ensure that they only collect the necessary personal data and do not use or store it beyond what is necessary for the stated purpose.

Confidential handling of customer data and secure data transmission in the e-commerce sector

The confidential handling of customer data is another important aspect of data protection in email automation. Operators of online stores must ensure that they implement appropriate security measures to guarantee the protection of this sensitive information.

  • It is important that companies use secure encryption technologies to protect data during transmission.
  • In addition, companies should ensure that they take appropriate security precautions to prevent unauthorized access to customer data.
  • Regular security checks and updates are also important to ensure that systems are protected against threats.

Option to deregister and delete data for recipients

The GDPR attaches great importance to the right of recipients to withdraw their consent to the processing of their data at any time. It is therefore important to offer recipients an easy way to unsubscribe and delete their data.

  • Make sure that your emails contain a clear unsubscribe link.
  • In addition to this, companies should also implement a simple process for deleting data if this is requested by the recipient.
  • Setting up a custom registration form also allows recipients to customize their preferences and select the type of emails they receive.

Overall, it is crucial for e-commerce businesses to comply with privacy regulations when using email automation. By adhering to these guidelines, they ensure that they can send the right message to the right people at the right time, while ensuring the protection of personal data.


Klaviyo as suitable e-mail automation software

Klaviyo is an excellent email automation software designed specifically for marketing. It offers a range of tools for online stores to efficiently design email campaigns, from welcome messages to cart abandonment prevention strategies, and to send send personalized messages to send personalized messages. An outstanding feature of Klaviyo is its user-friendly interface, which also makes it easy for newcomers to get started. Campaigns can be created effortlessly using the drag-and-drop function.

The software can be seamlessly integrated into other marketing tools such as CRM systems or e-commerce platforms. This link not only facilitates data exchange, but also keeps customer data up to date. This allows individual customer segments to be defined and customized messages to be sent.

Analytical functions in Klaviyo give you an insight into the performance of your campaigns. Here you can keep an eye on key figures such as open, click and conversion rates in order to continuously improve your strategies. The tool also supports you with lead scoring to identify promising customer contacts and convert them into paying customers in a targeted manner.

In short, Klaviyo is a complete solution for e-commerce companies that want to take their email marketing to a new level.


Success factors, examples and tips for implementing email automation

Clear objectives and strategy before the start of automation

Before you start with email automation, it is important to define a clear goal and a clear strategy. Think about what you want to achieve with your automated campaigns. Do you want to generate more leads? Increase customer loyalty to your online store? Or perhaps increase sales?

  • Define your goals: Set clear and measurable goals for your automated email campaigns.
  • Know your target group: Understand your target audience intimately and create customer segments based on demographics or behavioral patterns.
  • Plan your content: Think about what kind of content you want to use in your automated emails. Should it be welcome emails? Or follow-up messages after a purchase?
  • Choose the right tools: Find a suitable email marketing automation software, such as Klaviyo, to help you implement your strategy.

Continuous monitoring and optimization of automated campaigns

Once you have launched your email automation campaigns, it is important to continuously monitor and optimize them. This is the only way to ensure that they are effective and deliver the desired results.

  • Analyze the data: Regularly check your analytics and analyze the performance of your automated campaigns. Which emails have high open and click rates? Which ones lead to the most conversions?
  • Test different elements: Carry out A/B tests to find out which subject lines, call-to-actions or content work best. Experiment with different variants and optimize based on the results.
  • Adapt your strategy: If you find that certain automated emails are not producing the desired results, revise them. Adapt your strategy and try out new approaches.
  • Stay up to date: Find out about current trends in email marketing. Find out about best practices and new functions in your email automation software.

Personalization of content and offers based on user behavior

Effective email automation involves personalizing content and offers based on user behaviour. The more relevant the content is for the recipient, the higher the probability of a conversion.

  • Use data for personalization: Collect data about your subscribers' behavior such as clicks, opens or purchase history. Use this information to create personalized content.
  • Segment your list: Divide your subscriber list into different segments based on their interests or preferences. Send targeted messages to each segment.
  • Use dynamic content: Use dynamic content to insert customized elements into your emails based on the recipient's preferences.


The influence of marketing automation on companies

In today's business world, marketing automation plays a crucial role in increasing a company's productivity and profitability. Companies that choose to implement it have seen a significant increase in lead volume by 80 %. But what does this mean in concrete terms?

More than three quarters of all companies have found that their conversion rates have increased since the introduction of marketing automation solutions. And that's not all: the number of qualified leads has increased by 451 % increased.

Emails sent through marketing automation software generate 18 times more revenue than irrelevant email campaigns. Research shows that companies that use automation software to send targeted and relevant emails achieve significantly higher ROI rates compared to traditional email campaigns. In fact, 76% of these companies achieve a positive ROI within the first year of implementing their marketing automation software, and 44% within just six months.

In addition to these figures, automation also has an impact on cost efficiency. By automating marketing activities and centralizing campaigns in one software, more than ten percent of companies report a reduction in their marketing costs, which corresponds to a reduction in marketing expenditure of 12.2 percent.

In addition, the automated processes also had a significant impact on sales productivity, which increased by 14.5%. Companies can focus their sales efforts on already nurtured and engaged contacts, increasing the likelihood that these will become qualified leads. Not to mention, personalized email campaigns, which are typically created with segmented audiences, are responsible for 75% of email revenue.


Conclusion on email marketing automation for online stores

The automation of email campaigns enables e-commerce companies to send personalized content to their target group and thus achieve a higher engagement rate. The targeted sending of relevant information can strengthen customer loyalty, increase the conversion rate and boost sales. Automation also saves time and resources, as processes run automatically.

For a successful entry into the world of email marketing automation, it is important to rely on data protection-compliant software and to familiarize yourself with the legal requirements. In addition, companies should ensure that they offer relevant content and segment it carefully. Continuous monitoring of campaign success and regular optimization are also crucial.

If you're thinking about how you can boost your online store with effective email marketing automation, we, Twist & Schirmas your email marketing agency can help you. Benefit from our many years of experience and start increasing your success today!


Automation enables you to send personalized emails based on your customers' behaviour. With targeted content and offers, you can increase the likelihood that your recipients will respond to your call-to-actions and thus generate conversions.

Yes, it is important to choose software that complies with data protection regulations. Klaviyo, for example, offers privacy compliance features such as the double opt-in process and the ability to easily manage unsubscriptions.

It is advisable to regularly take a look at your campaign results and make optimizations. A monthly review can help to identify weak points and continuously improve your campaigns.

Yes, many companies have already successfully implemented email automation. For example automated welcome emailsbirthday offers or shopping cart abandonment emails can lead to an increase in conversions and sales.

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